Print out this page, then ask for your parent's permission and help how to send your digital photo by e-mail to Wally.

1. Wally can only accept digital photos by e-mail. Sorry, but Wally cannot accept 35mm prints by standard mail. You should scan your print into a digital format.

2. Wally prefers photos at 640x480 resolution (either horizontal or vertical).
Photos taken at larger resolution should be re-sized to fit 640x480 resolution.

3. Wally prefers photos saved as JPG (jpeg) files.

4. Write an e-mail message to:  photo (at)

The Subject of your message should be: Wally Photo Attached
In your text message, include the following information:

Photographer's name
Photographer's phone number (if case Wally has any questions)

When the photo was taken
Where the photo was taken
Who or what is in the photo with Wally

5. Attach one photo as an Attached File to your e-mail. If you have multiple photos to submit for consideration, send them individually as separate e-mail's. Do not compress or ZIP multiple photos into one combined file.

6. By submitting a photo, the photographer and all persons pictured in the photo grant permission for that photo to be reproduced and displayed on the Wally Wise Guy website, along with any of the information provided above (except the photographer's phone number). The photographer's phone number is for internal use only and will not be posted on the website.

7. Wally reserves the right to crop, re-size, or reject any photo for any reason and to edit any submitted information to fit the space available.

8. If you have any questions, write Wally at: photo (at)

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