Here are some funny riddles that kids have sent Wally:

1. Why wasn't Wally wet after the big rainstorm?

Answer: Because he was in his SHELL-ter!
Jodie Conway, age 7, Deer Park, TX

2. What did the rain say to the cloud?

Answer: Let me out!
Tom Balmos, age 6, Baytown, TX

3. What has four legs but doesn't walk?

Answer: A table
Hector Garcia, age 9, Houston, TX

4. What is a desert's favorite drink?

Answer: Canada Dry
Felicia Rhodes, age 8, Galena Park, TX

5. Why did the elf sleep in the chimney?

Answer: He wanted to sleep like a log!
Jessica Morrow, age 7, La Porte, TX

6. What goes all over the world but stays in one corner?

Answer: A stamp
Lindsay Wimberley, age 9, Pasadena, TX

7. What falls down but is not a person?

Answer: A waterfall
Courtney Daniels, age 10, Channelview, TX

8. Why are flowers so lazy?

Answer: Because they are always in beds!
James Spivey, age 6, Houston, TX

9. Why do you have to be careful when it rains cats and dogs?

Answer: Because you might step in a poodle!
Michael Fraser, age 7, Deer Park, TX

10. What do you make Twister cookies out of?

Answer: Torna-Dough!
Katie Stockton, age 11, Katy, TX

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