Wally Wise Guy is a turtle that knows it's wise to go inside his shell whenever there's danger, so this costumed character is the perfect mascot to teach children (and their parents) how to Shelter In Place in case of a chemical emergency.

To learn how to Shelter In Place, watch this PowerPoint presentation.  The presentation advances automatically.

Wally is targeted to reach children from kindergarten to 4th grade, so Wally makes personal appearances at elementary schools, day care centers, community parades, sporting events, and other civic events.

Because the person wearing the Wally costume could be male or female of any age or nationality, Wally is a non-speaking character, so he is always accompanied by a spokesperson who presents Wally's messages and answers audience questions.

Wally was developed by the Community Education Task Force, a consortium of Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC) along the Houston Ship Channel, including:

Baytown LEPC
Deer Park LEPC
La Porte, Morgan's Point and Shoreacres LEPC

Pasadena LEPC

Three other LEPC's (Bay Area LEPC, Galena Park/Jacinto City LEPC, and Houston LEPC) were added as Honorary Members.

Today the Wally Wise Guy program has expanded to 106 member organizations in 25 states. Click here for a complete membership list sorted alphabetically by state then city.

The City of Deer Park LEPC provided funding for artwork and costume design, and to trademark the Wally name and turtle design, but other LEPC's and industry associations can purchase a Wally costume and license rights to use Wally materials as part of their community outreach activities.

In order to protect the integrity of Wally's image, the City of Deer Park LEPC administers the Wally Wise Guy program, licenses other LEPC's and qualified organizations to use Wally's name and reproduce Wally's image, and recommends vendors who can provide Wally's costume and promotional products that meet the LEPC's quality control standards.

Membership in the Wally Wise Guy program costs a one-time licensing fee of $295 which includes a Starter Kit of artwork, press conference materials, and sample promotional products.

Under the Childrens' Television Act, television stations must show a certain amount of educational and information material for children. A Wally TV PSA is available in :30 and :60 second lengths which can be customized with your area's emergency procedures and LEPC phone number.

Wally artwork is available for use in brochures, signs, Internet websites, promotional products, and other community outreach materials which can be produced by your local vendors. For more information about obtaining a Wally license or artwork, please contact Sandra Watkins, Deer Park LEPC Secretary, at 281-478-7247.

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