Wally travels all around the world to teach kids and their parents how to Shelter In Place in case of a chemical emergency.

Everywhere that Wally goes, he loves to pose for pictures with his friends, pets, and famous people. Wally has visited a lot of fun and interesting places.

Do you recognize the people or places? (Hey, you might even see yourself!)

Click on the small photos below if you want to see a larger, close-up version.

Deer Park Fall Festival 

Wally Fans.

Wally Wise Guy teaches Shelter-In-Place to Community Center Pre-School.

Wally visits the Shell Deer Park plant

Wally's Photo Folder adds his 3 safety tips

A cute baby at the Totally Texas Festival

Wally Wise Guy supports helping others in time of need.

Wally loves to play outside

Wally hugs 3 friends at the Deer Park LEPC booth

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