Wally loves to get e-mail from kids and Wally friends all around the world.

Wally tries to answer every e-mail, and he may post your letter on this page!

Dear Wally,

How tall are you? How big are your shoes? How much do you weigh? You look fat.

Cindy Hansen, age 6
Deer Park, TX

Dear Cindy,

Wow, a lot of questions. OK.
I am 6 feet 4 inches tall. How tall are you?

My shoes are size 20. How big are your shoes?

I weigh myself every day. How about you?

No, I'm not fat.
I just look wide because my shell is so big.


Dear Wally,

How are you? I am fine. You spoke at our school last week, and you gave me a hug. Do you remember? Thank you.


Nancy Hinkle, age 8
Baytown, TX

Dear Nancy,

Yes, I remember speaking at your school. Please thank Mrs. Bennett for letting me visit you and your class.

You were all "good listeners" to my story about how to Shelter In Place.

Yes, I like to give hugs… and get hugs, too. How about you?



Dear Wally,

I play Little League baseball. My team is the Rangers. I am a catcher.

If the siren blew during a game, how could we shelter in place?

There's no building at our baseball field.

Your friend,

Tim Souder, age 11
Shoreacres, TX

Dear Tim,

Your coach and parents should put you and your teammates inside their cars parked at the baseball field.

Close your car doors and windows, and turn off the car's air conditioning, just as you would inside a building. Listen to the car radio for more information.

By the way, I was a catcher, too. That's why I still wear my hat backwards!

Your pal,

Dear Wally,

Is it dark inside your shell???

Just curious,

Shelby Parsons, age 6
Pasadena, TX

Dear Shelby,

Only if I forget to turn on my night light!


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