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American Chemical Society "WonderNet" (grades K-8)

Bonus.Com - Supersite for Kids

Chem-4-Kids (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics fun for kids)

Drug Free Kids - the facts about drugs for kids

EPA Earth Day Activities

EPA "Environmental Kids Club"

EPA Student Center (for Middle and High School students)

FEMA for Kids

First Gov for Kids

GovSpot (portal to all government websites for kids)

Chemical Education Foundation "Newton & Kelvin's Laboratory" (You Be The Chemist series)

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Kids Page

Science Master: science/education portal for K-12 students and teachers

Sparky the Fire Dog teaches kids and families about fire safety

"Surfing the Net with Kids" family-friend search engine

Treasury Department: learn how money is made

U.S. Department of Education's "Parent's Guide to the Internet"

U.S. Fire Administration kids' tips to prevent fires and save lives

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: how can kids become an inventor?


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