Business Self Inspection Program

The Deer Park Fire Marshal's Office has selected businesses to participate in a new program for fire safety Business Self-Inspections (SI). Given the classification of the business as one having a lower fire risk, your premises are deemed eligible for participation in this program. We believe this new program will provide a valuable opportunity for the Deer Park Fire Marshal's Office to collaborate with the business community in fire and life safety.

Inspection Benefits

One appealing benefit of this program is it will decrease the interval that an actual on-site fire inspection is conducted, plus you are provided with information to assist in promoting a safer year-around environment for your business and the public.

The Deer Park Fire Marshal's Office plans to conduct an inspection of your business every other year, should you elect to complete a self-inspection at this time. You may perform these inspections as often as you would desire, however a reminder and self-inspection worksheet will be mailed to you on an annual basis following you last Fire Inspector performed inspection. You may continue to have the Deer Park Fire Marshal's Office inspect your business in lieu of conducting your own self-inspection if you choose.

Self Inspection Packets

Attached in the letter you will find a "Self-Inspection Checklist" (SI-C). Please take the time to complete this form in its entirety by marking the appropriate response's for each question and then signing on the signature line.

Self-Inspection packets will be mailed around the first day of the month. An on-site inspection should be accomplished promptly and completed checklists forwarded to the Deer Park Fire Marshal's Office no later than 30 days from the posted mailing date. Checklists not returned by the last day of the mailing month will activate further contact by Deer Park Fire Marshal's Office personnel to coordinate an on-site fire safety inspection.

More Information

Should you have questions about the program, need assistance in completing forms or solicit clarification regarding the Business Self Inspection Checklist please contact the Fire Marshal Buddy Rice at 281-478-7291.

We anticipate this program this program to make efficient use of time and resources for both local business owners and the City of Deer Park Fire Marshal's Office. We appreciate your efforts in exploring this new option and welcome your feedback.

After filling out the Business Self Inspection Form, you can fax 281-478-7289 or email the completed form.