The City of Deer Park Parks and Recreation Department and The Art Park Players will be holding auditions for their production of THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG on Tuesday , August 8th at 7pm. Auditions will consist of readings from the show. Please arrive early to complete your audition form and select your sides. Auditions, Rehearsals and Performances will be held at the Theatre/Court Building at 1302 Center Street, Deer Park, TX 77536.

THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG, by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, Henry Shields, will be directed by Susan Mele, assistant director Baker Morrison, and technical direction by Joe Piper.

Performances Dates:

THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG - October 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28

Friday and Saturday Performances are at 8pm and Sunday Performances are at 2pm.

Rehearsals will begin on or around August 28th and are traditionally Mondays through Thursdays 6:30-9:30pm, and Sat 10/7 (10am-4pm) Subject to change. There will be no Sunday rehearsals, or on Labor Day.

To be considered for all roles, you must be able to commit to all rehearsals during the tech weeks October 2nd through opening night on October 13th.

Auditions will consist of readings from the script. A résumé and 8”×10” headshot is requested, but not required.

Bring a list of ALL potential conflicts including travel, etc. Any conflicts with the posted schedule must be discussed with the creative team and agreed to by the Director before casting can be confirmed.

Video submissions will also be accepted for those who are not able to attend auditions on the 8th. All submissions must be received no later than Saturday, August 5th at midnight. Submissions must be submitted via link from a shared drive, YouTube, or Vimeo to Do not send video files in the body of an email. For video submissions please prepare a one minute comedic monologue. 


PLEASE NOTE: This is a physically demanding show. Most roles will require varying amounts of crawling, climbing, lifting, running, and/or falling. There is also a sword fight and some hand-to- hand combat.

Annie - Female. 25-40. The company stage manager. She has the biggest journey of any of the characters. When Sandra is indisposed Annie, who cannot bear to be on stage, must step in. Initially terrified by acting, she is willing to kill for it by the end of the play. Her initial terror turns to joy, then to fury. She starts small but grows and grows. Standard American accent.

Trevor - Male. 25-45. The company lighting and sound operator. He simply wants to get on with the show. Curmudgeonly and doesn’t care for actors. He is easily distracted and does many things he shouldn’t, including engaging with the audience. When things go really sideways, he is forced to act in the play. He hates acting. Standard American accent.

Chris - Male. 30-45. The head of the company. High status clown. Rigid, uptight, everything really matters. He is the director of the play and plays Inspector Carter, the esteemed local inspector. this is the biggest day of his life. Everything is riding on this. It is a nerve wracking and exciting night. His pain is evident and every time someone laughs the pain deepens. He has equal amounts of contempt for his fellow actors and the audience watching the play. RP accent.

Jonathan - Male. 25-35. A member of the company. He plays Charles Haversham, the deceased. A bit bland, but sees himself as a James Bond type. Excited and having fun, but not naïve. He technically has to drive the show. He cares about the play, but not to the same extent as the others. Very physical role. RP accent.

Robert - Male. 30-45. A member of the company, plays Thomas Colleymoore, Charles’ old school friend. Wants to be Richard Burton, as evidenced by his declamatory style. He is, however, not a parody of a bad actor. He is unaware of others around him. He does not feel badly when things go wrong and never learns from his mistakes. There is a power struggle between Robert and Chris to be president of the Cornley Poly Drama Society (a position that matters a great deal to Robert). Has real vocal power. RP accent.

Dennis - Male. 25-35. A member of the company, plays Perkins, Charles’ butler. He has no real desire to be involved in the theatre, he just wants to make friends (of which he has none). He believes if he does well in the show, he will be more successful socially. Laughter from the audience is agony for him. He may be slightly oblivious but understands when he gets things wrong. The laugher is a personal tragedy/failure. RP accent.

Max - Male. 25-35. A member of the company, plays Cecil Haversham, Charles’ brother and Arthur the Gardner, the gardener at Haversham Manor. He has never been on stage before. He learned his lines and does exactly what he’s told to do. He has zero connection with any of the other actors, but when he gets a laugh he breaks the 4th wall to engage with the audience. Childlike and naïve. His mistakes are fundamental. he doesn’t think anything through, just looks for approval. RP accent.

Sandra - Female. 25-35. A member of the company, plays Florence Colleymoore, Charles’ fiancée and Thomas’ sister. She is vain and possesses a huge ego. Wants to be loved. Has ambitions to go to Hollywood and will hurt anyone standing in the way of what she wants but is smart enough to stay on the good side of someone who can help her (like the director). You know the type. The stakes are high for her. Very physical role. This role will appear in less than full costume with some sort of underwear revealed - this will not be prurient, but comic. RP accent.

For any additional information regarding auditions, please contact Susan Mele

Presented by arrangement with Dramatists Play Service under license from Mischief Worldwide Ltd.