Emergency Response/Transportation Sub-committee

Community Awareness Subcommittee MembersThe Emergency Response/Transportation Sub-committee updates and exercises the City's emergency management plan to respond to any chemical release. It also develops information related to the transportation of hazardous substances by pipeline, rail, ship and truck through the City.

Emergency Management Plan

The plan is unique because it integrates the emergency response plans of the City, industry, the school district and other resources into one comprehensive document.  The sub-committee used the plan to develop a full-color Flow Chart which translates checklists and procedures from text into a visual action plan.

The plan is reviewed at least annually, but is updated as needed. A current copy of the Emergency Management plan is available for review in the Office of Emergency Management. Call 281-478-7298 to schedule an appointment during regular business hours if you'd like to review the physical copy.

Drills and Exercises

The LEPC exercises the Emergency Management Plan at least once a year to test procedures, equipment and other resources, and make sure emergency response personnel have been properly trained in their roles and responsibilities.  Lessons learned during the exercise are incorporated in the plan and shared with other LEPC members.