Wally Wise Guy

Welcome to Wally Wise Guy's Website

 As you can see, I'm a turtle and I like to teach children and adults how to Shelter-In-Place. Whenever there is danger,
 I quickly go inside my shell. By 'Sheltering-In-Place', you can be safe too. 

Drawing of Wally Wise Guy, a turtle

To be safe during an emergency, please follow the steps below:


2. CLOSE UP - Close all doors, windows, etc.


Wally Wise Guy Program

Industry associations, other LEPC's and emergency management organizations can join the Wally program and be licensed to use Wally's name, reproduce authorized Wally artwork on products and community outreach materials.

For information about joining the Wally Wise Guy program, contact Angela Smith, Deer Park LEPC Secretary/Treasurer, at 281-478-7247.