Per Deer Park LEPC's by-laws, members of the LEPC shall be residents of or conduct business in the City of Deer Park. 

The membership of the LEPC shall consist of community and industrial members, who represent one or more membership categories as designated by EPCRA.

Appointed members shall consist of duly elected or appointed officials of local, state, and federal governments with jurisdiction over any part of the area served by the LEPC; print/broadcast media (PBM); community group (CG); elected State or local official (SLO); emergency management (EM); emergency medical service (EMS); facility
owners/operators (FO); fire fighting (FF); health official (HE); hospital personnel (HO); law
enforcement (LE); local environmental groups (LEG); and transportation personnel (TP)
such as barge/ship, pipeline, rail or truck.

Industrial members shall be those persons named by owners or operators of companies within the LEPC boundaries as their Facility Emergency Coordinators under provisions of Section 301(c) of EPCRA. There shall be two classifications of Facility Representatives as follows:

1. Full Member 

A representative of a facility that participates in the
funding of the LEPC by paying the full amount of its share of the
annual operating budget as determined by the funding allocation
formula adopted by the LEPC.

2. Associate Member 

(a) Facility - industry located outside city limits who will pay one-half full member
(b) Transportation - truck, rail, and pipeline companies who will pay one-half annual
calculation of base rate
(c) Service Provider - will pay a $500 annual fee

You can view our current by-laws online.

Please see our current full and associate members below.

Deer Park LEPC Full Members Full Member Logos

  • City of Deer Park
  • Clean Harbors
  • Delta Companies Group
  • Dow-DP Operations
  • Evonik
  • GEO Specialty Chemicals
  • Hexion
  • Intercontinental Terminals
  • Kinder Morgan
  • Lubrizol
  • Novvi
  • OxyVinyls
  • Praxair
  • SFC Global Supply
  • Shell Oil
  • TM Services Deer Park
  • Valvoline
  • Vopak

Associate MembersAssociate Member Logos

  • Genesis Pipeline
  • Houston Ammonia Terminal
  • M&M Protection
  • Nouryon
  • NuStar Logistics
  • Shell Pipeline
  • USA Environment