Street & Bridge Maintenance

Street Crew

Some people may wonder what exactly our Street Maintenance Division is responsible for and the answer is, a lot! Of course the most obvious thing is maintaining the streets around Deer Park. By maintaining the infrastructure the crew helps save the City millions of dollars in costly repairs and street replacement projects. They fill in potholes, repair broken curbs and seal cracks in the street pavement to prevent the weather from undermining the streets’ integrity. They also repair broken or damaged sidewalks, and install new sidewalk and wheelchair ramps. However, a lot of people don’t realize the crew is also responsible for helping ensure that the City’s drainage system stays operational.


The Street crew is the division that maintains our drainage ditches, large and small. Drainage is such an important issue because it is what keeps our homes from flooding during heavy rain events. They mow the ditches, and ditch right-of-ways, remove debris and regrade them to ensure proper drainage. Drainage inlets are maintained and are routinely cleared of debris. Culverts are installed for residents that currently have open ditches in their front yards but would prefer to cover them.

Another important responsibility the division has is mosquito control. Due to mosquito borne illnesses such as the West Nile Virus, and the Zika Virus the City takes mosquito control very seriously. Thousands of tax dollars are spent annually to purchase the vector control chemicals. We have four employees that are certified in vector control. The city has been divided into four sections, each section gets sprayed weekly during the mosquito season.

s1.jpgMowing is the dreaded side effect of summer time and the City isn’t any different. The Street Department is responsible for mowing and weed eating miles of street right-of-ways, and ditch right-of-ways. We only have a small handful of employees that are dedicated to mowing. The rest of the time we have to rely on part-time summer help. Summer is their busy time of year, and between mowing and mosquito spraying they stay very busy.


The street crew is included as one of the important divisions during the hurricane season. Most of the crew is expected to shelter in place here at their city facility and ride the storm out so they will be available immediately following the storm to clear the debris from the streets in order to make it safe for citizens.


The division consists of one supervisor, Shain Olson (pictured below) and one crew leader, Richard Bermea, with six equipment operators and five full-time laborers. In the summer months they also employee five part-time summer laborers.


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